TY Encapsulated Brushes
Osborn TY Encapsulate Brushes feature an elastomer which firmly supports the individual wire tips, producing stronger brushing action and longer life. In use, the elastomer wears back gradually, presenting a constant short wire trim for maximum cut.
Narrow Face, Standard Duty
Narrow Face, Heavy Duty
Medium Face, Standard Duty
Wide Face, Standard Duty
Wide Face, Heavy Duty
Stringer Bead, Heavy Duty
TY Black Max - Stringer Bead, Extra Heavy Duty
High Speed Knot Stringer, Heavy Duty
Small Diameter, Standard Duty
Knot Wire, Heavy Duty
Small Diameter, Heavy Duty
Wire Stripping Wheel Brush, Standard Duty
TY Encapsulated Brushes
TY Encapsulated Brushes