ATB Aluminum Wheel Finishing Disc Brush
A multi-directional deburring tool with long trim length, this flexible brush reaches the crevices located in mulit-levels planes on aluminum wheels. ATB composite discs can easily be tailored to meet the specifications of your equipment. Simple to operate, the brush is rotated in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions while the wheel is held stationary. Cycle time is approximately 15 seconds in each direction. 
Consistent results 
Uniform edge radius 
Shorter cycle time - the process is automated 
Longer life compared to other brush styles 
Ease of use - the brush is customized to fit your machine 
Improved safety 
Less inventory required - same brush can be used on the same size wheels with different aluminum wheel designs 
ATB Composite Disc for deburring Aluminum Wheels can easily be customized to fit you machine. Contact us for a free consultation with an Osborn Regional Sales Manager and Application Engineer. They can show you how our technical expertise and high performance products can save you time and money.
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Brush Diameter Grit Size Fill Material Filament Diameter Arbor Hole Trim Length Filament Shape Max RPM Part Number
15 120 SILICON CARBIDE 100 X 170 4-1/2 8-1/2 RECTANGULAR 600 40263
1 Search Results
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