Sponsoring a very special soccer club

(Barcelona/Spain) “Finish. First.” is Osborn’s maxim. Therefore competitiveness, sportiness and fairness are traits that Osborn loves to support beyond business life. It is therefore not astonishing that Osborn entities around the globe fund local sports activities. A car race event here, an icehockey team there, etc. But a very special project is the E.F. Viladecavalls Soccer Club near Barcelona. The club has made education, discipline and competitiveness their leading motif for all their activities, while emphasizing a family atmosphere where also athletes with and without disabilities can train and play together.

It all began in July 2018 when Robert Calabuig, Sales Director Roller Technology at Osborn accompanied his two sons to an official sports camp at EF. Viladecavalls in Barcelona. While watching his sons during the camp, Robert noticed another team training at the same location. He was fascinated by the fun the kids had exercising and playing together. On further investigation Robert found out that in this team kids with intellectual and physical disabilities play alongside with non-disabled kids.

The secretary of the club, Mrs. Alba Jiménez told Robert that funding this activity isn’t always easy and that contributions are making all the difference. Mr. Abel Martinez, Vice President of EF.Viladecavalls, who joined the conversation pointed out to Robert that “besides the success in competitions and the extraordinary team spirit we have here, the physical exercise also improves the children’s personal mobility, flexibility, reflexes and coordination.”

Still under the impression the children had left when Robert watched them, he reached out to his General Manager at Osborn, proposing a sponsoring for the team. The story was quickly told and funds were approved. With Osborn’s support new equipment for a whole season could be acquired.

The Vice President of E.F. Viladecavalls. Mr. Martinez is very happy: “We thank Osborn for this great support. The kids are proud to wear the shirts and the team is enjoying the recognition very much.” 


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