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At Osborn, our long history of delivering finishing solutions for the welding industry makes us the professional’s choice.

A History of Results

No other company can provide the selection of products, welding industry knowledge and a proven track record of increased performance that Osborn can. For generations we have worked with and innovated for welders, put us to the test today.
Osborn Welding

Help Close at Hand

Osborn has a nationwide network of distributors ready to help you find the right products for your welding needs. To find the distributor nearest you, click here.
Osborn Welding

From Root to Finish

Root pass, hot pass, finish pass, grinding and cuttoff; Osborn has the products you need for the challenges you face, including;


Osborn. The Welders Choice

See the Osborn advantage; download our Welders Choice catalog by clicking here.
The Welders Choice