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The Osborn Load Runners® team has built a reputation on engineering the highest quality, customized solutions for the most extreme linear motion and architectural engineering applications. We have taken that dedication and expertise into the cam follower market, introducing a full complement of needle roller bearings to serve the needs of the industry. Including stud and yoke type rollers and a full range dimensional options, Osborn has what you need to Keep Rolling.

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Osborn Needle Rollers

Needle Roller Products

Product SeriesDescriptionDiameter Range
CF Concentric, stud type 0.5"- 4"
CFH Concentric, stud type, heavy duty 0.5"- 5"
CFE Eccentric, stud type 0.5"- 3"
CCF Concentric, stud type, crowned 0.5"- 4"
CCFH Concentric, stud type, crowned, heavy duty 0.5"- 4"
CCFE Eccentric, stud type, crowned 0.625"- 3"
CYR Yoke 0.75"- 6"
CCYR Yoke, crowned with seals 0.75"- 4"
CFD Double row, cylindrical 1.5"- 3"


Cam Follower Nomenclature

Needle Rollers - Cam Follower Nomenclature