55 tons for satisfied customers

(Burgwald/Germany). Osborn is investing in the future: The high demand for aluminium, steels, electrical steels and stainless steels means that the technology leader for mechanical surface treatment is further upgrading its already ultra-modern production facility in Burgwald near Frankenberg. A 55-ton CNC cylindrical grinding machine will in future ensure that roller brushes up to 8 meters length can be ground precisely.

The preparation time took 3 years, during which the Osborn employees worked out the plans for the new CNC cylindrical grinding machine. Danobat manufactured the machine for Osborn and delivered it to Burgwald. In order to place the colossus, an appropriate foundation had to be cast on an area of 100 m² beforehand. About 75 cubic metres of concrete were required for this. The machine was placed by a special load crane through the roof of the production hall, which had to be opened for this operation.

The new CNC machine will be used to grind the wire roller brushes produced by Osborn. These rollers are used in particular in processing of aluminium, steels, electrical steels and stainless steels as so-called "transport rollers" in high-temperature furnaces. They are temperature resistant up to approx. 1150°C.
The surface of the wire rolls is incredibly smooth due to the grinding process and ensures a high concentricity. Dozens of rolls are installed one after the other in high-temperature furnaces - quasi as a transport line. In the furnaces, for example, aluminium blocks are annealed for subsequent processing. The blocks are placed on the rolls and "travel" through the furnace by the rotation of the rolls.

Up to 120 transport rollers can be installed in one furnace over a distance of approx. 100 metres. The hot metal block is further processed from the furnace directly in the downstream rolling mill.

Osborn transport roller brushes are extremely sought-after high-precision products. In contrast to ceramic rollers used in many places, no scale settles on the finely ground surface of the Osborn brushes. The phenomenon known as "pick-up" is feared in the manufacture of sheet metal, as the scale settles on the ceramic rollers and creates marks and defects on the product. The sheet or strip is then useless for further processing.

Under the name "Roller Technologies" Osborn produces many more roller brushes for various purposes in the metal processing industry than the previously mentioned transport rollers. Osborn has made a name for itself worldwide in this field and the order books are well filled. Customers accept advance orders and possibly waiting times due to high demand because the products are valued for their high process accuracy and quality.

In addition to the manufacture of roller brushes, Osborn also offers a comprehensive after-sales service for its roller customers, which includes repairs, regrinding work, new filling and balancing. Osborn attaches great importance to customer proximity: there are several Service Centres around the world to serve as a point of contact for customers.

The new CNC cylindrical grinding machine is scheduled to start work in Burgwald within the first quarter. Marc Stahlschmidt, Managing Director and Vice President EMEA/APAC, is confident that the 55-ton, 1.5 million Euro machine is a good investment in customer satisfaction: "In an already state-of-the-art manufacturing process, the new machine is the icing on the cake, because it literally puts the finishing touches to our rollers."

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A special crane lifts the CNC cylindrical grinding machine from the truck and then sets it down in the Osborn production hall via the hall roof.

The foundation for the new CNC machine: 75 cubic metres of concrete.

The 55-ton colossus is lifted into the production hall by the roof of the hall.

The CNC machine is positioned at its designated place.

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