Polishing Compounds for the Medical Industry

Osborn Medical Polierpasten

Well-known Brands

Complete Compound Assortment

Osborn has combined the experience of its brands Unipol®, Langsol® und Canning® to develop a full range of high performance polishing compounds for the medical industry: OSBORN MEDICAL®. The new assortment is suitable for polishing surgical instruments, orthopedic implants, dentures or prosthetic devices.


Bovine and Animal Fat Free

No animal fats, no quartz, cadmium or lead

Using top quality minerals and vegetable fats, a variety of finishes can be achieved on stainless steel, titanium, precious and non-ferrous metals, as well as plastic and acrylic surfaces. All compounds are free of animal fats and animal tissue. They do not contain quartz, cadmium or lead and are in compliance with FDA directives, TOSCA and REACH.

All compounds are manufactured in the Osborn facility in Haan near Solingen / Germany.

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Application Matrix

Compound Overview

Osborn MEDICAL compounds can serve for cutting, polishing, colouring and superfinishing and are producted in our facility in Haan near Solingen / Germany. In the below matrix you see the available assortment and which compound is used for which process on which surface. In addition to the compounds Osborn MEDICAL also offers three polishing emulsions in bottles and one polishing paste in a tube.

Osborn Medical Application Overview


Starterkit With All Compounds

Limited set for testing


Picture Osborn Medical Starter Set

Interested companies have the possibility to order a limited OSBORN MEDICAL® Starterkit. The set contains all 12 above listed compounds as well as three emulsions and one paste. With this one is able to test which compound is most suitable for the individual polishing process at hand.

Of course compounds out of the Osborn Medical® assortment can also be ordered separately. The article numbers for each item can be found in above application matrix.

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Polishing Tools

Suitable tools for the polishing process

Picture Osborn Polishing Buffs

Osborn has a wide assortment of polishing tools for manual, automatic and robotic polishing operations. The materials range from high quality cotton to sisal and sisal-cloth with different pleading and impregnations. Name us your individual needs and together we will find the right product for you.

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Small Wheel Brushes - Rotifix®

Osborn miniature brushes

Osborn Rotifix Brush in action

For nearly 100 years the brand Rotifix® guarantees quality and reliability when working on products for the medical industry. We only use highquality natural fibre like Chungking brustles and goathair for our products.

Below find a selection of Rotifix® and other miniature brushes. If this list doesn’t show what you require, please contact uns. We are certain to find the right tool for you.


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