Norman F. Smith

Norman F. SmithNorman F. Smith, son of Franklin G. and Ada Smith, was born in East Cleveland in 1902.  He started work with Osborn as a laborer in the woodworking department following graduation from Dartmouth College in 1925.  He became Assistant Manager of the Rubico operations in New York City in 1927, was slater appointed General Manager and then Vice President, and served in that capacity until February, 1935. At that time he returned to Cleveland and was elected Secretary and Treasurer. In 1940 Norman Smith became General Manager of the Cleveland operations, and in December of 1942 was elected Vice President and General Manager. He took over the Presidency in January, 1951 and became Chairman of the Board in 1966.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Norman Smith was actively involved in his community and in various business organizations.  He was an officer of the Cleveland Fund, a Trustee of the YMCA, and a Trustee at Fenn College. He also served a term as President of the American Brush Manufacturers Association. He retired from Osborn in 1968 when the company was sold to The Sherwin-Williams Company.

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