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Seamless Magnaflex Spyrl Roll Fiber Center/HandFormed Contact Wheels Polishing Wheels Tapered & Goblet

Fiber Center

Orange Flat

Fiber Center - Orange FlatThe fiber center buffs are similar in their use to the traditional JacksonLea handformed buff, except in its construction. The handformed buffs are constructed in a manner similar to most airway type buffs whereas the non-fray fiber center buffs are constructed in a wind-type manner as mentioned above. The specific application and finishing setup will dictate which buff would be the most advantageous.


Hand Formed Centerless Buff

Hand Formed Seamless Buff

The Non-Fray Fiber Center buffs are unique to JacksonLea. The Fiber Center buffs are constructed in a wind-type fashion, which creates a unique pleated buff. This product is used when a metal ring buff is not practical for the finishing application, such as in recessed lighting, hollow ware, jewelry, and other applications that require the buff being placed inside an enclosed area. 

The buffs can be purchased in a variety of different diameters and cloth densities as well as with all cotton cloth, poly cotton blend cloth and our orange mill treated cloth.


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