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Seamless Magnaflex Spyrl Roll Fiber Center/HandFormed Contact Wheels Polishing Wheels Tapered & Goblet


Magnaflex BuffsJacksonLea has developed a revolutionary new buffing material, which possesses characteristics never achieved with other buff cloth. The MagnaFlex™ material is primarily used in mush buffing of non-ferrous metals. 

The MagnaFlex™ material can be made in a variety of different constructions from basic airways to full disk to sew pleated type products which enable JacksonLea to customize the MagnaFlex™ buff to our customers’ finishing requirements.

The MagnaFlex™ buffs possess many significant advantages to the traditional buff cloth products. In the majority of non-ferrous metal mush buff applications the MagnaFlex™ will outdistance the traditional buff by 2 to 5 times the life while also reducing the amount of compound usage by as much as 25% to 50%. The double benefit of the MagnaFlex™ buff product is unprecedented in our industry. 

In addition to the cost savings from the reduction in compound usage and the increase in parts produced for the buff product, there are significant savings from reduced downtime for replacing buffs. The MagnaFlex™ buff generates half the buff residue as a traditional buff product. 

The MagnaFlex™ is available in diameters up to 26” with varying amounts of density. The buff is also available with a 3”, 5”, 7”, and 9” diameter center ring and as mentioned above can be made in full disk, airway, and pleated constructions.

The MagnaFlex™ is a specialty product and must be used differently than traditional buffs; and as a result, requires our technical sales force to support the introduction of the MagnaFlex™ buff into your finishing operation.

Please call our technical group for more information and advice on our “patent pending” MagnaFlex™ buff.


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