¡Así es como se barre hoy en día! Solución profesional de limpieza para plantas de producción, agricultura, reciclaje, plantas de biogás y residuos, municipios. Sin componentes eléctricos ni rotativos, se puede montar en muchos vehículos.

Broomate® - that's how you sweep today!

In production sites, agricultural facilities, farms, as well as recycling, biogas and waste plants, there are many areas that need to be cleaned constantly. Osborn has developed a sweeping solution that meets this requirement in a simple, professional and inexpensive way. Our broom consists of high quality strip brushes that are inserted under a 5 mm thick galvanised steel bonnet.

The Osborn Broomate® can be fitted to a wide range of industrial or agricultural vehicles and sweeps all types of debris - even liquids. There are no rotating or electrical components. Simply mount the broom on your vehicle and sweep.

Broomate® - simply advantageous!


  • No hydraulics, no motor, no rotating or electrical parts
  • Easy to clean with water or high pressure


  • 5 mm galvanised steel bonnet, fork shoes and side plates

Variable mounting options

  • Quick and easy attachment to almost any vehicle used in agriculture and industry by means of optionally available adapters (large selection)

Easy replacement

  • Brush strips can be replaced in no time at all
  • Open lock, simply pull out old strips, push in new strips, close lock

Easy storage

  • Standard feet provide a secure stand and prevent the bristles from buckling

Safety First

  • No rotating parts, no chains, no motors
  • No noise, no dust

Environmentally friendly

  • All parts can be recycled
  • No need for motor oil or electricity


  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • For heavy dirt, gravel, sand, slurry, manure, light snow and stagnant liquids
  • Can be used in both directions - forwards and backwards

Long service life

  • Strip brushes have a service life of up to 1000 kilometres
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