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Osborn offers the best solutions for your mechanical surface treatment challenges. Our experts are highly trained to serve you with the optimum off-the-shelf or customized tools, when and where you need them. Unlike others, we help you optimize your process, meet the highest quality and safety requirements and reduce your costs.

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Power Brushes

Power brushes (technical brushes) for use on hand-held and stationary power tools. Various designs and fill materials suitable for all workpieces, materials and applications.

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Industrial Brushes

Industrial brushes are high-performance technical brushes used in industrial processes in machining centres, CNC machines and robotic applications, e.g. for deburring, edge breaking and edge rounding.

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Maintenance Brushes

Hand brushes, brooms, paint brushes for commercial cleaning and maintenance work. Choose from various shapes, working widths and fill materials (e.g. wire, natural fibres, animal hair).

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Grinding & Milling Tools

Discover our high-quality grinding and milling tools! Our range includes flap discs and carbide burrs in various sizes and designs. Our products are of high quality and ensure precise processing of your workpieces. Benefit from our experience and let us advise you!

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Polishing Tools & Compounds

Polishing tools and the corresponding solid or liquid polishing compounds, to achieve any surface from matt to high-gloss, using hand-held equipment, stationary lathes, flatbed machines or robots, for trade or industrial applications.

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Idler rollers, cam followers, load rails

Solve heavy-duty load handling by Osborn idler rollers, cam followers and load rails. Many standard types & sizes available. Customized solutions can be manufactured from a product description, supplied samples, or a technical drawing.

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Roller & Wide Face Brushes

Osborn offers a range of brush rolls for the production processes in steel and rolling mills.

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Diamond Tools

Diamond coated tools for cutting, drilling, grinding and brushing.

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Strip Brushes

Whether it's sealing, guiding, positioning, transporting, protecting and shielding, or edging and closing openings such as cable penetrations, Osborn's strip brushes meet diverse requirements.

Industry Proven


ATB® is the abbreviation for Advanced Technology Brush System and forms our product range of brushes for automated deburring directly after the machining process.

More about ATB®
Osborn ATB CNC Machine

Lipprite® and Lipprox®

Lipprite® and Lipprox® are non-woven abrasive rollers and wheels. While Lipprite® is mainly used for surface cleaning, oxide removal, decorative finishes and light deburring, Lipprox® is specifical …

More about Lipprite® and Lipprox®


That's how you sweep today! Professional cleaning solution for production plants, farming, recycling, biogas and waste plants, municipalities. No rotating or electrical components, can be mounted on …

More about Broomate®


Osborn is the manufacturer of a world-class range of Dialux® compounds. These small, individually packed bars are the product of choice for goldsmiths and watchmakers across the globe.

More about DIALUX®
Osborn Dialux Polishing and Satinising Compound Finishing Product

Load Runners®

Load Runners© are idler rollers. They are specially developed by Osborn for heavy-duty applications. They can support high radial and axial loads simultaneously.

More about Load Runners®
Osborn Load Runner Idler Runners Selection Industrial Manufacturing for heavy loads


NovoFlex-B® from Osborn is a self-centring deburring and honing tool. It can be used to create a clean and controllable surface finish on edges and internal surfaces.

More about NovoFlex-B®
Osborn ATB Novoflex Honing Tools Honing Deburring Flexible

Markets &

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Osborn has the solution for your automotive challenges, from polishing, deburring, or surface preparation.

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Oil, Gas and Wind Energy

In exploration, production, pipe manufacturing, pipe laying (on- and offshore), plant construction or pigging, our oil, gas and wind energy customers rely on our brushes and abrasives. Our cleaning solutions help to work reliably, on time and cost-effectively.

Oil, Gas and Wind Energy
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Rolling Mills

Osborn offers different types of roller brushes for the manufacturing processes of sheet and strip in steel and rolling mills.

Rolling Mills

Shipbuilding, Wharf, Offshore

Construction, maintenance and repair work is carried out on offshore installations, drilling rigs and shipyards. Metal parts have to be welded, derusted, stripped of paint or cleaned. Work on pontoons, deck and hull work, repairs to shafts, rudder systems, propellers and pipelines, occur everywhere. With the right Osborn tool, processes are accelerated and downtime minimised.

Shipbuilding, Wharf, Offshore

Building & Construction

Osborn offers a wide variety of building and construction products. These range from sealing products for doors and shutters to products for grinding, maintenance, cleaning and wood processing.

Building & Construction

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Secure your spot now in #OsbornTalksTech!

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