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NovoFlex-B® from Osborn is a self-centring deburring and honing tool. It can be used to create a clean and controllable surface finish on edges and internal surfaces.

About Novoflex-B®.

Novoflex-B® is an extremely flexible tool that is used primarily for deburring and secondarily for honing. It is self-centring and can be used on hand-held machines as well as in CNC and NC machines, machining centres and automatic machines. It can be clamped in tool spindles.

Regardless of the material grade of a component, Novoflex-B® produces a clean and controllable surface finish on edges and internal surfaces. The tool is extremely effective for deburring and rounding workpiece edges, in the infeed and outfeed of cylindrical bores, for internal intersections and grooves, as well as in bearing races.

You can create a plateau finish with Novoflex-B. This so-called "cross-hatch-pattern" is desirable in cylinder liners, for example. When the piston moves, the oil adheres better to the walls of the cylinder inner surface due to the cross-grinding and thus ensures smooth and trouble-free running.

Where do I use Novoflex-B®?

Novoflex-B deburring and honing tools are used, for example, in the automotive and aerospace industries. Possible applications are e.g. the production or machining of 

  • Engine cylinders, connecting rods, wheel brake cylinders, brake control cylinders
  • Bores on shafts and cranks
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
  • Heat exchangers
  • Tubes and hoses

What should I pay attention to?

Novoflex-B® should always be used with an oversize compared to the bore of the workpiece. Therefore, always determine the bore diameter of the workpiece first.  In our technical product tables for Novoflex-B, we always indicate the bore diameter of the workpiece with "W" in the first column. This makes it very easy for you to find the right item for your application.

Other points you should bear in mind:

  • The use of lubricants is always necessary
  • We recommend greasing Novoflex-B with honing oil before use. Mineral oil, engine oil, water-soluble oil (viscosity 10W30) or cooling lubricant can be used as alternatives
  • On hydraulic brake cylinders, please use brake fluid instead
  • Honing time is approx. 20 - 40 sec.
  • Recommended speed for Novoflex-B brushes
    up to Ø 40 mm: 600 -1000 min / 60 -120 osc./min.
    from Ø 41 mm: 350 - 600 min / 60 -120 osc./min.
  • For deburring longitudinal and transverse bores the process time can be reduced
  • Clean the bore with hot water and detergent using Osborn nylon tube brushes
  • Lightly oil the bore after cleaning


Product image for Internal Brushes – Novoflex-B® honing and deburring tool, abrasive filament EUPBIB009

Novoflex-B® honing and deburring tool, abrasive filament


Novoflex-B honing tool, high-end quality, for internal finishing.

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