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Certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2018

ISO 50001 certification is a voluntary international standard. It describes requirements for the introduction, management and improvement of energy consumption and energy efficiency. The Burgwald and Haan sites achieved certification for the first time in 2018 and are regularly re-audited by independent auditors.

Osborn is also committed in its corporate policy guiding principle to constantly improving and optimising energy management beyond the legal requirements.

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

More than 125 years of technical expertise is what the Osborn brand is all about. Our complete product range sets the global standard for quality, durability and technical progress.

Our quality management complies with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standards and is regularly audited by independent auditors.

Below you will find the certificates of the audited subsidiaries.

Certification according to ISO 14000:2018

Development, manufacturing and sales of technical brushes, machine-equipment and products for surface-finishing.

Certification TÜV-Süd

TÜV SÜD is a technical testing organisation that offers testing and certification.
The organiation active in the classic services of main inspections, plant testing, product testing, product safety testings or expert opinions.
More than 700 products of our retail brush portfolio are certified by TÜV-Süd (safety tested, production monitored). The products as well as our production facilities are checked by the independent expert organisation TÜV SÜD Product Service for technical safety requirements.

Detailed information on this certification can be found on the following website:

Osborn is AEO certified

Osborn has the status of "Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)". This is a standard adopted at European level with the aim of enabling a consistently secure international supply chain. The prerequisites for certification as an "Authorised Economic Operator" are the fulfilment of specific criteria defined by customs in terms of reliability, solvency, compliance with legal regulations and fulfilment of security standards.

The holder of the certification is considered particularly reliable and receives easier access to customs simplifications, accelerated authorisation procedures and facilitation of security-related customs controls. The certificate is valid in all EU member states. Our customers benefit from this, because our goods are usually given priority and cleared quickly during inspections. Shipping delays due to controls can thus be minimised considerably.


The Osborn production sites in Burgwald and Romania are members of the international organisation oSa (Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives). The leading manufacturers of quality abrasives are organised in the oSa. They are committed to compliance with quality and safety standards and recognise the EN standards 12413, 13236 and 13743 as binding. Only oSa members are allowed to apply the protected sign of the oSa trademark to their products.

The use of the oSa trademark also means that the manufacturer makes further assurances: among other things, the complete manufacturing process for grinding tools is monitored and the company must have a certified quality management system in place. In addition, ongoing production controls must be carried out according to EN standards and the products must be traceable to the manufacturer. Furthermore, oSa members are committed to occupational safety and environmental protection in their companies.

You can find out more about the oSa on the website:

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