Safety Recommendations.

Safety First  -  work safely.

During machining, we strongly recommend wearing protective safety clothing and goggles to eliminate the possible risk of injury from foreign bodies, dirt, rust, burr residues etc. Also, no persons without protective clothing should be in the immediate vicinity of the work area.

In the interest of your own safety and that of your co-workers, please observe all notes on work safety, the recommended working and safety speeds of the Osborn products as well as the recommendations and operating instructions of the manufacturers of the respective drive machines.

Safety Recommendations

  • The speed of the drive shaft of your machine must not exceed the maximum safety speed of the brush
  • The length of the drive shaft should be such that an absolutely tight fit of the spindle nut is guaranteed
  • Brushes with a clamping shaft can be mounted in standard drill chucks or collets without any problems
  • The connecting threads of brushes are provided with spanner flats which guarantee easy mounting and dismounting

Please download the safety reommendations and take some time to study them.

Saftey Recommendations
Cutting- and Grinding Discs, Flap Discs, Fibre Discs

Here you can download our detailed safety recommendations in various languages as a PDF. You can find more information and application videos at:

Safety Recommendations of oSa
Bonded Abrasives, Diamond Cutting Discs

Osborn is a member of the international organisation oSa (Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives). The leading manufacturers of quality abrasives are organised in the oSa. They are committed to compliance with quality and safety standards and recognise the EN standards 12413, 13236 and 13743 as binding. Only oSa members are allowed to put the protected sign of the oSa trademark on their products.

If possible, you should always use products with the oSa® logo to have the greatest possible protection against accidents caused by unsafe abrasive tools.

You can find more information at:


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