Part- and Sample Processing.

We Help You to Identify Undetected Potentials.

There are many questions in the industrial machining of workpieces and the optimisation of processes. If you are confronted with one of these questions, we will be happy to support you:

  • Which tool is best suited for my deburring process?
  • I would like to test alternatives to my current tools.
  • Do I still have potential in my machining process?
  • Which parameters can I still work on?
  • How can I reduce the cost-per-part sustainably?
  • The machining results are difficult to reproduce. What can I do?
  • The brushes wear out too quickly and I there is too much time spent on changeover and downtime is too long.

How we support you.

If you are unsure whether you have already found the ideal tool for your industrial machining process, we recommend our part and sample processing service. 
This is an excellent opportunity to put the quality of the tools you are currently using to the test and, if necessary, replace them with a tool that is better suited to the application.

This is how we work.

Together with you, we determine the ideal tools for machining your sample parts. Depending on the task, a standard product or a custom-made product may be considered. We then agree on the parameters that are most important for you when machining the workpiece.
After we have received the sample parts from you and, if applicable, the current tools to be tested, we get to work in our test laboratory.

Which parts can we process?

We can machine a wide variety of components. For this purpose, the workpiece is put in a clamping device or on a rotary table and can then be machined. Process-relevant parameters such as speed, cutting speed, feeds, plunge depth, etc. can be set and the results measured. Even complex workpiece geometries are no obstacle.

What happens next?

After processing the parts, we create a detailed documentation of our test results for you. In our report, we define the objectives, the test procedure and the conclusions.
Based on this evaluation, you can compare the quality of the tools you are currently using with our solutions and make your decision.

Enquire about our part an sample processing service today!

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