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Power brushes (technical brushes) are used for mechanical surface finishing on hand-held and stationary power tools. These include drills, angle grinders and cordless tools, but also air grinders and table deburrers. Different brush shapes (e.g. cup brushes, wheel brushes, bevel brushes, end brushes) and fill materials guarantee that a wide variety of workpieces and materials can be professionally processed.

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Cup brushes

Cup brushes for working on large surfaces, weld seams, metal plates.

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Bevel Brushes

Bevel brushes for use on angle grinders for surface treatment and finishing. Suitable for working on hard to reach areas.

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Wheel Brushes

Wheel brushes for processing solid or hollow rods, profiles, welded seams, cut edges, gears, grooves, narrow surfaces.

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End Brushes

End brushes for working on hard-to-reach areas and internal areas.

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Internal Brushes

Internal brushes for machining bores, cross and transverse bores, threads, blind holes and oval bores.

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Multi-part brush kits in craftsman quality.

High performance brushes for industrial deburring, especially in the automotive- and supply industry.

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Industrial Wheel Brushes

ATB® wheel brushes for machining centres and robot cells.

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Industrial Disc Brushes

ATB® disc brushes for machining centres and robot cells.

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Osborn hand brushes for trade and industry as ideal workshop equipment for professional cleaning and maintenance work. Hand brushes with wooden or plastic bodies with a wide range of fill materials and working widths for cleaning, rust removal and paint stripping. Workshop brooms, block brushes and weed brushes as well as paint brushes round off the range.

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Flap Discs

Flap discs are chip-removing tools. Compared to grinding discs, they produce a finer, uniform grinding surface. Osborn offers three different quality lines and uses abrasive cloth with normal, zirconium or ceramic corundum. Flap discs are used for weld seam processing, surface grinding, deburring, chamfering or V-seam preparation of steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

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Tungsten Carbide Burrs

Carbide burrs for machining. High material removal, large selection of head shapes.

From matt to high gloss, Osborn polishing buffs and carefully matched solid and liquid polishing compounds create the surface finish you desire. Our polishing tools for trade and industrial applications are designed for use on hand-held equipment, stationary lathes, flatbed polishing machines or robotic applications. We will be happy to advise you on the right choice of right polishing tools and polishing compounds for your application. Please contact us!

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Polishing Buffs in various qualities, sizes and constructions, suitable for all polishing processes. Best results are always achieved in combination with Osborn polishing compounds.

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Solid Compounds

Solid polishing compounds for polishing a wide variety of surfaces in perfect combination with matching Osborn polishing rings.

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Polishing Kits

Practical sets for polishing or satin-finishing a wide variety of surfaces. With short instructions.

Solve heavy-duty load handling by Osborn idler rollers, cam followers and load rails. Many standard types & sizes available. Customized solutions can be manufactured from a product description, supplied samples, or a technical drawing.

Osborn offers a range of products for steel and rolling mills. Especially rollers for hot and cold rolling mills, thermoprocessing furnaces, hot-dip galvanizing, pickling, hot or cold annealing processes, presses, and punching lines.

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Diamond Wheel Brush

Brush filaments set with diamond abrasive grit for cutting edge preparation of ceramic inserts and carbide tools.

High-quality strip brushes from Osborn provide the optimal solution for a variety of applications. Whether it's sealing, guiding, positioning, transporting, protecting and shielding, or edging and closing openings such as cable penetrations, Osborn's strip brushes meet diverse requirements. The standard product range includes a wide selection of strip brushes in different lengths. Custom lengths, shapes, and special configurations are also available upon request. Additionally, Osborn offers strip brushes with high-quality pure horsehair bristles. These provide optimal sealing for doors, gates, and windows, protecting against cold, drafts, insects, dust, and noise. Moreover, the durable and UV-resistant horsehair bristles ensure efficient thermal insulation and energy savings. Discover more about the versatile strip brushes and find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

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