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Power Tools

Our product range for hand-held and stationary power tools.

Tools for Angle Grinders

Our product range of high-quality tools for use on angle grinders.

Tools for Burnishing Machines

Product catalogue of our range of high-quality tools for use on burnishing machines.

Tools for High-Speed Machines

Our product range of high-quality tools for use on high-speed machines.

Tools for Power Drills

Our product range of high-quality tools for use on power drills.

Tools for Stationary Machines

Product catalogue of our range of high-quality tools for use on stationary machines.

MultiZack® - Punched Brushes

Punched brushes in many different sizes and configurations for cleaning, deburring, transportation, sorting, washing, guiding and structuring.

Railway Switch Protection

Osborn TurbFly® (SnowProtec), the effective way to keep switches free from snow, ice and sand.


Broomate® - Universal Push Broom

The push broom for industry, farming and municipal cleaning, waste management and recycling facilities. Easy handling, no hydraulics or moving parts.


Assortment for jewellers, dental labs and other industries where workpieces are extremely small.


Microabrasive tube brushes for internal cleaning as well as miniature brushes for cleaning, polishing and deburring of very small workpieces and bores.

Strip Brushes

For sealing and isolation in many different sizes and models.

Novofil® - Hightech Filaments

Wheel and honing brushes with hightech filaments for demanding applications. High durability and high thermal resistance for increased productivity.

Novoflex-B® - Honing Brushes

Self centering honing tools. Easy to use on hand drills, honing machines and robots.

Turboline - Road Sweeping

Only available for Portugal, Spain, Mexico, UK!

ATB® - Advanced Technology Brush System

Efficient deburring with brushes: Hightech filaments with high amount of abraisive grit for deburring sealed surfaces, sintered parts, cylinderheads, engines, hydraulic and pneumatic parts.

Idler Roller and Rails

Osborn Load Runners® are robust assemblies of carefully fabricated outer shells/treads and precision bearings fitted to high tolerance shafts. They are used in a variety of production processes, carrying heavy loads under extreme preconditions (heat, low temperatures, humidity, dust, etc.)

Main Catalog

Osborn products for trade and industry - the complete portfolio for mechanical surface finishing.

TOP Products

High performance bruhes for the demanding industrial use.

Tungsten Carbide Burrs

Tungsten carbide burrs offer high material removal and are suitable for universal use on the most important industrial materials.

Xtreme Tools

Good things can be made even better. Especially when we look at quality and performance as the main drivers for outstanding products. Experience our new xtreme cutting discs and brushes setting the new standard.

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