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Mechanical processing (e.g. turning, milling, punching, lasering) produces edges, splinters or fraying on the workpiece due to the displacement of material. These are referred to as burrs. Steel, aluminum, castings and forgings are the main materials being deburred, but burrs also occur on wood or plastic parts.

Bore Processing

When it comes to deburring engine parts, housings, pneumatic and hydraulic parts that have many internal bores, cross bores, threads, O-ring recesses, etc., there are different tools for processing depending on the application.

Weld Seam Preparation & Processing

Welding is used in many industries. In tank and container construction, vehicle superstructures, wagon construction, shipyards, pipeline construction - stable, permanent joints are essential everywhere, and can only be achieved through cleanly executed work. A botched seam can have far-reaching consequences and is relevant to safety.

Gutting edge preparation

Industrial processing is placing ever greater demands on cutting tools manufacturers. Machining workpieces requires increasingly higher cutting performance, better surface finishes, lower tolerances and low costs per unit.

Metal Processing

Workpieces made of metal are manufactured, worked and processed in many industries and trades. Various processing methods are used in the process. These include machining, non-cutting and joining techniques.

Polishing & Satinising

Polishing tools and the corresponding solid or liquid polishing compounds, to achieve any surface from matt to high-gloss, using hand-held equipment, stationary lathes, flatbed machines or robots, for trade or industrial applications.


Wood as a natural resource is of great economic importance. High demands are posed to the material and its technical specifications, as well as to the end product and its visual appearance.

Building and Construction

Metal, stone, wood, plastic... - all materials are used in building & construction. Osborn has the appropriate tools to process them professionally.

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