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SEALEZE® provides brush-based solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. For more than a quarter of a century, SEALEZE® brush products have reduced costs in manufacturing processes and improved the performance of our customers' products. Our brush can be found in a range of applications, including shielding on machine tools, guides on conveyor systems, cable management and air seals in electronic cabinets, sweeping applications in turf care and much more.

Osborn ATB CNC Machine


Mechanical processing (e.g. turning, milling, punching, lasering) produces edges, splinters, or fraying on the workpiece due to the displacement of material. These are referred to as burrs. Steel, aluminum, castings, and forgings are the main materials being deburred, but burrs also occur on wood or plastic parts.

Bore Processing

When it comes to deburring engine parts, housings, and pneumatic and hydraulic parts that have many internal bores, cross bores, threads, O-ring recesses, etc., there are different tools for processing depending on the application.

Weld Seam Preparation & Processing

Welding is used in many industries. In tank and container construction, vehicle superstructures, wagon construction, shipyards, pipeline construction - stable, permanent joints are essential everywhere. And this can only be achieved if the work is done cleanly. A botched seam can have far-reaching consequences and is relevant to safety.

Metal Processing

Metal processing is a fabrication process that creates structural parts and components out of metal sheets or tubing. It involves a variety of fabrication methods from stamping and pressing to bending, cutting, and roll forming.

Polishing & Satinizing

Utilize Osborn's polishing tools along with the appropriate solid or liquid polishing compounds to achieve surfaces ranging from matte to high-gloss, employing hand-held equipment, stationary lathes, flatbed machines, or robots, suitable for both trade and industrial applications.

Building and Construction

Metal, stone, wood, plastic... all materials are used in building & construction. Osborn has the appropriate tools to process them professionally.

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