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Product image for  – Flexsweep Floor Broom USMBBR001

Flexsweep Floor Broom

Designed with a unique compact brace design and choice of premium fill materials, Osborn FlexSweep Floor Brooms offer exceptional performance and prolonged brush life. Blocks are constructed from lacquered hardwood maple with attached handle for extra strength. Unlike full block brace designs, Osborn’s compact brace allows broom to reach confined areas like corners and shelves. Brace is constructed of durable urethane to absorb shock from impact and allow broom to flex slightly, lessening fatigue and extending block life.

Product image for  – Osborn Pro Economy Floor Broom USMBBR004

Osborn Pro Economy Floor Broom

Combining performance and value, Osborn Economy Brooms feature durable construction and materials and an affordable price point. Blocks have threaded holes for wood or fiberglass handles, and your choice of fill materials are staple-set for longer service life.

Product image for  – Economy Floor Broom - Plastic Block USMBBR005

Economy Floor Broom - Plastic Block

Combining quality and value, these durable plastic block floor brushes are available in choice of fine, medium, or coarse fill material to tackle a variety of jobs. Brooms are commonly used in food service applications.

Product image for  – Economy Street Broom USMBBR006

Economy Street Broom

Durable, economic street broom in choice of Palmyra or Polypro fill. For use with standard tapered handles.

Product image for  – Master Sweep Floor Broom USMBBR007

Master Sweep Floor Broom

Designed with densely packed durable Red Palmyra, Osborn Master Sweep Floor Brooms are ideal for wet or dry use in parking lots, streets and loading docks. Premium construction allows brushes to stand up to heavy-duty applications without affecting brush life. Brushes use standard threaded handles that are compatible with other Osborn products.

Product image for  – Wire Broom USMBBR009

Wire Broom

Constructed of premium grade steel wire for sweeping and scrubbing uneven and rough surfaces such as cement, stone, or street pavement. Also ideal for cleaning industrial ovens, brick, and concrete.

Product image for  – Upright Corn Broom USMBBR010

Upright Corn Broom

Durable all-purpose brooms feature premium quality corn blend construction to tackle cleanup tasks ranging from easy sweeping to heavy industrial cleanup.

Product image for  – Strip Floor Broom USMBBR011

Strip Floor Broom

Efficient, cost-effective floor brooms are designed for prolonged use without causing user fatigue. These high-performance brushes feature a lightweight, rust-resistant frame with choice of bristles for fine to coarse sweeping.

Product image for  – Angle Broom USMBBR021

Angle Broom

Large 12” sweep face with angled cut makes this broom ideal for effectively reaching under cabinets and into tight corners.

Product image for  – Stiff Whisk Broom USMBBR022

Stiff Whisk Broom

Designed with heavy-duty black Bassine moisture resistant fiber for industrial and shipyard use. Oil primed fibers are held in place with a durable metal band and reinforced with heavy wire binding for maximum durability.

Product image for  – Flexible Whisk Broom USMBBR023

Flexible Whisk Broom

Constructed of water-resistant Bassine fibers bound in wire holder to effectively brush away coarse material.

Product image for  – Corn Whisk Broom USMBBR024

Corn Whisk Broom

Versatile corn fiber broom with metal cap is ideal for quick, light-duty tasks, such as whisking away link, dust, and fine dirt.

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