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Product image for  – Long Handle Narrow Duster USMBHB025

Long Handle Narrow Duster

Brush is constructed with hardwood handle and long-lasting horsehair fiber to quickly and efficiently clean narrow, confined areas.

Product image for  – Fine Counter Duster USMBHB026

Fine Counter Duster

Ideal for light-duty applications, this brush features a kiln-dried hardwood block with firmly staple-set Horsehair fill. Handle has a hang-up hole for convenient storage.

Product image for  – Coarse Counter Duster USMBHB027

Coarse Counter Duster

Tackle heavier material removal and general factory/store dusting with Osborn Coarse Counter Dusters. Brushes feature choice of fill materials firmly staple-set in premium sealed hardwood. Handles have a hang-up hole for convenient storing.

Product image for  – Curved Counter Duster USMBHB028

Curved Counter Duster

Unique curved end design allows for efficient corner cleaning. Hardwood handle is coated with moisture-resistant sealer with staple-set Grey Tampico, making it ideal for both wet and dry applications. Hang-up hole in handle offers convenient storage.

Product image for  – Window Brush USMBHB029

Window Brush

Premium industrial window washing brushes feature non-scratching fill and two tapered holes for use with standard tapered. Recommended for general use applications.

Product image for  – Dual Service Scrub Brush USMBHB030

Dual Service Scrub Brush

Dual-angled design allows for scrubbing multiple surfaces at once, eliminating the need to change brushes. Scrub brush features durable Polypro fill for exceptional performance wet or dry.

Product image for  – Car Wash Brush USMBHB031

Car Wash Brush

Heavily filled with durable fiber, staple-set into plastic block. Designed for rail and bus transportation companies. Includes two handle holes, one threaded and one tapered, for use with your choice of handle (part number 00077001500 threaded handle | part number 0007701700 tapered handle).

Product image for  – Tire Cleaning Brush USMBHB032

Tire Cleaning Brush

Durable plastic tire cleaning brush makes quick work of scouring.

Product image for  – Radiator Brush USMBHB033

Radiator Brush

Designed with natural Pure China Bristle and angled hardwood handle for use in confined, hard-to-reach areas.

Product image for  – Molder's Soft Brush USMBHB034

Molder's Soft Brush

Versatile solid hardwood block brush with staple-set horsehair. Ideal for a variety of industrial or general foundry applications.

Product image for  – Long Handle Utility Brush USMBHB035

Long Handle Utility Brush

Premium quality tampico, tightly spiral wound on a long hardwood handle. Perfect for hard-to-reach applications.

Product image for  – Nail Brush USMBHB036

Nail Brush

Small solid hardwood block with staple-set white Tampico for a wide variety of general purpose cleaning tasks, including parts, washers, upholstery, carpets, and vegetable cleaning. Also ideal for cleaning hands and nails at sink stations.

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