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Product image for Abrasive Buffs – Non-Woven Airway Abrasive Buffs USPAAB001

Non-Woven Airway Abrasive Buffs

Usually, 2 to 4 layers of non-woven are fixed to a metal clinch ring. The irregular folds offer a versatile satin finishing tool that performs best when minimal pressure is applied, this in turn increases the surface life of the Airflow. This is a highly economical buff.

Product image for Abrasive Buffs – Sandshaper Airway Buffs USPAAB002

Sandshaper Airway Buffs

The coated abrasive flaps of this buff allow for great side to side flexibility along the work face, making them ideal for operations where they are stacked together. This creates an inexpensive flexible finishing buff wheel as wide as you like.

Product image for Abrasive Buffs – Non-Woven Wavering Abrasive Buffs USPAAB003

Non-Woven Wavering Abrasive Buffs

This designed waved construction allows for a high-density buff with minimal flexibility, an advantage when good cutting action and a uniform surface are required. This buff is suitable for all satin finishing operations, especially when equipment does not allow for oscillation.

Product image for Flap Discs – Conventional Non-Woven Abrasive Disc USPAFD013

Conventional Non-Woven Abrasive Disc

Non-woven wheels ideal for cleaning and finishing parts when using portable tools to get down into an area such as a rotary polisher and high speed grinders or stacked together on a shaft where flexibility is required by the operation

Product image for Flap Rollers – Non-Woven Flap Brush USPAFR007

Non-Woven Flap Brush

Flexible, conformable wheels that apply uniform satin finishes. The density is dictated by how many flaps are wound around the core, therefore, a high-density for the firm face when working on a flat surface and a medium density for a softer, flexible face when the part is irregular in shape.


Garnet Abrasive Wheel

The Garnet Abrasive Wheel is a convolute wheel built by winding layers of a non-woven abrasive around a round core. The abrasive material is created by extruding fiber strands, resin and garnet mineral. With the softer organic minerals, garnet is a good match for woodworking applications, because it produces finer finishes than synthetic minerals. Ideal for the removal of mill/knife marks and chatter. Operating pressure and speeds are low to prevent burning.

Product image for Flap Rollers – Interleaf Flap Brush USPAFR009

Interleaf Flap Brush

Medium Density wheels in either Aluminum Oxide Fine or Very Fine grit size is used to relieve black nickel or oxide off brass in an antiquing process. Coated abrasive sheets are positioned between non-woven material for increased flexibility and cutting. Excellent for prep work before staining, sealing, or priming on raw hardwood moldings.

Product image for Flap Rollers – Non-woven Convolute Wheel USPAFR010

Non-woven Convolute Wheel

Non-woven abrasive web is wound around a core and specially treated, resulting in a consistent hardness and level of abrasion over the life of the product. This convolute product is perfect for light deburring. An arrow indicates the direction in which the wheels must be used. Blend and Finish wheels have an open mesh construction that is ideal for cleaning prior to coating applications.


Flex Brush

An open mesh construction makes them ideal for applying finishes. Blending Stainless Steel surfaces to a #4 RMS finish is one the most common applicaitons

Product image for Flap Wheels – Abrasive Mechanical Flap Wheels USPAFW004

Abrasive Mechanical Flap Wheels

Tightly packed coated abrasive flaps arranged around a mechanical core, make an effective, durable, and versatile polishing tool. Round parts, tubes, pots & pans or even the sole of an iron benefit from this product, with its long life and ability to continually reproduce the same surface when compared to coated abrasive belts. Great for wide face width applications.

Product image for Flap Wheels – Epoxy Flap Wheels USPAFW016

Epoxy Flap Wheels

Coated abrasive sheets are arranged in an epoxy bonded core, making an evenly distributed and quieter efficient polishing tool. This versatile wheel is available in multiple grit types and sizes and can be adapted to fit the application. Round parts, flat parts, edges and contours benefit from this product with its ability to continually produce consistent and repeatable results. Effective for applications with narrow face widths.

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