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ATB NovoFlex Honing Tools

Osborn’s ATB™ NovoFlex™ is a self-centering tool that will conform to the bore surface providing a consistent, even surface finish over the tool's life.


Polishing Solutions Catalog

Depend on Osborn for all of your polishing needs.


Products Catalog

Osborn Full Portfolio Catalog

Load Runners

Osborn Load Runners are the ultimate heavy-duty load rail and idler roller solution in the industry, providing precision performance across numerous applications.


Silica-Free Polishing Compound

Discover Osborn Silica-Free Compounds – a revolutionary Tripoli alternative that makes switching to a sustainable, healthier polishing compound cost-effective. Achieve outstanding results that meet or exceed the performance of traditional abrasive compounds without the risks associated with silica dust exposure. Choose Osborn to future-proof your polishing process with a safe, eco-friendly metal finishing solution.

Needle Rollers

The Osborn Load Runners® team has built a reputation on engineering the highest quality, customized solutions for the most extreme linear motion and architectural engineering applications. We have taken that dedication and expertise into the cam follower market, introducing a full complement of needle roller bearings to serve the needs of the industry.


Roller Technologies

Osborn offers multiple types of expertly designed brush rolls for various stages of the manufacturing process.


TufBrush™ Product Line

Superior Quality Stringer Bead Wire Brushes


ATB™ Catalog

Advanced Technology Brushing solutions for maximum results.


Internal Brushes

Internal brushes are available in several filament styles, sizes, and configurations, allowing you to choose the right brush for your application.


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