Surface treatment
and finishing solutions.

Your challenge. Our solution.

Osborn offers superior solutions for your mechanical surface treatment challenges. Our experts are highly trained to provide you optimized off-the-shelf or customized tools. Unlike others, we help you optimize your process, meet the highest quality and safety requirements and reduce your costs.

Who we are.

Since making our first industrial brushes in 1887, we have grown to become the world’s largest surface treatment and finishing provider. We’re dedicated to offering the very best—a standard to which we hold ourselves and the aspiration we reserve for our diverse customer base.

Osborn helps you Finish. First.

What we do.

We offer customers a single, unmatched portfolio of surface treatment, finishing and industrial brush products and polishing solutions. Combined with decades of experience in process optimization, increasing efficiency and solving tough manufacturing challenges, Osborn provides application expertise to solve your toughest challenges.

Solving challenges.

Our surface treatment solutions transcend mere products. We appreciate that not all manufacturing environments are the same. Not all processes are identical. We serve each customer, each plant, each process with its own solution.

Global expertise & innovation.

When you choose Osborn, you have access to the industry’s widest range of durable, proven tools and surface treatment solutions. Our ongoing investment and emphasis in Research and Development assures optimal thinking to create cutting-edge solutions for an ever-evolving market. Our global network allows us to be where you need us.

Process optimization.

Our success lies in our unique ability to collaborate with customers to achieve optimum results for their specific application. By matching tough finishing problems with the right solutions, our customers improve both quality and efficiency and eliminate process costs.

Delivering value.

Osborn’s ability to drive innovation allows it to set the bar for how products and processes add value for our customers. We are laser-focused on delivering value through premium quality products, respect for the safety of our employees, customers, and our unique ability to uncover cost-savings solutions without sacrificing service or quality.

Whether it's industrial brushes, polishers, roller technology, sealing or idler rollers and rail solutions, you'll find it all at Osborn.

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