Bore Processing

About bore processing.

When it comes to deburring engine parts, housings, pneumatic and hydraulic parts that have many internal bores, cross bores, threads, O-ring recesses, etc., there are different tools depending on the application. 
But which ones are really suitable? One thing is clear: a perfect tooling and machining strategy is always tailored to the respective application.

Deburring bores

Deburring bores is an important and also difficult machining step. In vehicle construction (e.g. engine and hydraulic parts), poor deburring can lead to severe damage or failure, which in turn poses a high safety risk

Bore cleaning

When cleaning bores, it is primarily a matter of mechanically removing slightly adhering burr residues.

Bore derust & descale

Scale and rust are corrosion products that must be removed from bores.

Breaking edges in a bore

Here, bores are deburred and a minimal edge rounding is introduced at the same time. In machining processes, an edge break should be done before further processing of the workpiece, because sharp angles are predestined for the formation of burrs.

Osborn ATB Novoflex Honing Tools Honing Deburring Flexible

Bore honing

Honing is a machining process. A self-centering honing tool such as our Novoflex® honing tools is used for this.

Bore finish

The finishing process involves creating a surface with a defined roughness depth.

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