Breaking edges in a bore

Here, bores are deburred and a minimal edge rounding is introduced at the same time. In machining processes, an edge break should be done before further processing of the workpiece, because sharp angles are predestined for the formation of burrs.

What is bore deburring?

To break edges, a minimal edge rounding is introduced into the bore during the deburring process. Edges should be broken prior to further processing in order to prevent sharp angles from forming burrs, potentially disturbing tolerances and damaging other components during assembly. Typically, an edge break of 60° is desirable in bores.

Which tools do I use
to break edges in bores?

For edge breaking in bores, we recommend our self-centering Novoflex-B® deburring tools, which can also be used for honing.

The tools can be used on hand-held machines as well as on honing machines. Use in CNC and NC machines, machining centers, and automatic machines as well as clamping in tool spindles is possible.

Osborn ATB Novoflex Honing Tools Honing Deburring Flexible

Workpiece edges in the inlet and outlet of cylindrical bores or internal intersections and grooves, as well as bearing races can be rounded with Novoflex-B® deburring tools.

Important application parameters.

Please note that Novoflex-B tools must be used with cooling lubricants. Our application engineers will support you in setting the correct application parameters to ensure the perfect result for your individual process.

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