Pipe Manufacturing

Osborn is the all-round service provider for all kinds of brushing solutions in the pipe manufacturing and coating industry. Osborn’s high-quality, innovative and customized tools, as well as best-in-class customer service, provide the right means for a vast range of specific applications in pipe welding, hot zones and pipe coating removal.

Shot Blasting Brushes

Those products are made to order and will clean sand or grit in industrial sandblasting lines. Osborn offers a wide choice of punch type special brushes to fit in various shot blasting machines.

Contact Brushes


Contact Brushes are used to maintain continuous electric contacts in pipe welding units.

  • Flexible crimped wire brushes ensure a constant electric connection between the welding nozzle and the moving raw steel pipe
  • Any interruption or incorrect contact will cause welding defects that could be avoided and cost intensive rework on the entire layer along the pipe

Very often such welding defects are not discovered until later after ultrasonic or X-Ray examination.

Transport Brushes


Osborn Transport Brush Rollers offer a new and effective technology to the pipe-coating industry. Wire brush rollers are a perfect alternative to polyurethane (PU) rollers commonly used today, particularly in the hot zone areas following the induction heating ovens. When pipes leave the induction ovens at temperatures as high as approx. 150°C / 300°F, the melting point of polyurethane is relatively low and the rollers are easily damaged, wear is very high and service life, in turn, short.

  • Osborn brushes are designed to withstand the high temperatures hence service life is several times that of PU rollers
  • This leads to a drastic reduction in the number of times the brush rollers must be replaced
  • Downtime is reduced respectively the pipe-coating process no longer needs to be stopped as frequently, as when PU rollers are in use
  • Osborn transport brush rollers have a perfectly trimmed flat surface - So there is no risk of damage to the pipes

Cutback Brushes


Wheel Brush System 

Just one twist knot wheel brush is installed on top or below the pipe to peel off the coating. As the pipe rotates, the brush removes the coating. It is important to oscillate the brush since this will speed up the process and extend brush life. 


Two Station

One wide face roller brush positioned parallel to the pipe axis and additional support brushes are the most efficient machinery set-up. Cutback brush times can be reduced to a minimum. As the support brush is positioned at 90° displaced bevel to the pipe axis the cleaning performance increases considerably and leads to the shortest possible process times.


Roller Brush System

  • A wide face roller brush is positioned parallel to the pipe’s central axis and peels off the coating in one operation
  • As the entire brush face width matches the desired cutback length this operational set-up is considerably more efficient, faster and longer lasting
  • Bevel cutting cutback and edge cleaning are carried out in one step only

Cooling bores in the brush core air-flow technology implemented! - Cutback brushes are available with an additional air cooling system. The brush core (also available for refi ll systems) is prepared to support air cooling systems which can be installed easily on almost every existing Cutback equipment. A compressor with 5-6 bar and a pneumatic tube can pump enough air directly into the brush center. This reduces the work temperature considerably and allows work at higher speeds and with more contact pressure, resulting in much shorter process times. Increase your capacity output by taking advantage of this feature!


Brush Refill System

Osborn offers a wide choice of refi ll brushes for self-assembly at the customer’s site. Single section brushes are available from 200 – 465 mm diameter with various fi ll densities, arbor holes and wire types. The brush core (available on request) can be reused and refi lled several times. Pipe Manufacturing A hydraulic 50 ton press and balancing equipment must be available on site to assemble single brush sections to the fi nal roller brush. The Osborn refill brush system reduces process costs as the brush core can be reused.

  • This cutback system offers a high level of flexibility - because the customer can define the width of the brush

Ready to use Cutback Brush? - Osborn offers ready-to-use roller brushes which are preassembled and dynamically balanced.

The brush is designed according to the required cutback length and can carry out three work steps in one operation:

  1. Apply a defi ned bevel on the coating
  2. Take off the coating in a defi ned area 
  3. Clean the pipe end

A slightly oversized brush section at the end of the Cutback brush can work as a bumper and stop the pipe whilst it is driven into the cutback station.

Weld Preparation & Cleaning

Osborn products are unsurpassed in value and service life. Using Osborn brushes in pipeline construction for weld cleaning has a lower thermal impact on pipe surfaces as well as significant overall quality benefits including lowering the chances of corrosion, grooving and micro fissures.

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