Paint Stripping

During paint stripping, all layers of paint on a metal surface are removed without leaving any residue.

Removal of paint layers - Paint stripping.

When stripping paint from metal, all layers of paint on a metal surface are removed. In addition to chemical and thermal processes, there is also the mechanical removal of paint. Both tool brushes and abrasives can be used here.

Paint removal may be necessary if the paint is damaged. Rust can form at the spot due to moisture. Applying new paint only to the damaged area is not effective. As soon as the metal comes into contact with oxygen / moisture, the decomposition process begins through oxidation.

Rust can also form under old layers of paint if the metal was not completely cleaned before painting. It is advisable to clean workpieces thoroughly before painting and to always inspect parts that have already been painted for (hidden) rust spots.


Paint removal with knotted cup brush.

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