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Präzises Entgraten nach dem Zerspanungsprozess

ATB® Teller- und Rundbürsten von OSBORN werden vor allem für das Entgraten, Kanten verrunden und Finish eingesetzt. Sie sind ideal für das Entgraten von Kanten an planen Oberflächen, Stanz- und Feinschneidteilen, Präzisions-, Schleif- und Läppteilen.

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Long service life, short machining time, lower process costs

ATB® brushes are manufactured within tight tolerances and do not have to be run in. An interesting feature is the particularly even edge deburring, which does not change the shape of the workpiece. The brush fill is up to 4 times denser than with conventional (punched) brushes and is extremely dimensionally stable because the bristles are firmly cast in the disc and therefore cannot break out. This leads to increased service life and a shorter processing time of the workpiece. The user can thus significantly reduce his process costs.

Many diameters, fill materials and grit sizes

OSBORN offers a wide range of ATB® disc and wheel brushes. The diameters range from 50 to 250 mm, whereas abrasive grits like aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, ceramics and diamond can be used (different grit sizes are available). The materials are temperature resistant and can be used in combination with cooling liquids. There are versions with full fill and segmented fill to vary the aggressiveness or flexibility of the brush. Optionally, a flexible support collar, which is guided around the fill material, can provide stability for longer filaments and higher speeds. Coolants and lubricants can be added. Their use is particularly recommended for higher speeds or very thin workpieces.

Use on machining centres

ATB® brushes can be adapted directly to the known tool holders due to the special mounting options. This means e.g. HSK-/SK-tool holders for combination mandrels, collets, surface chucks, etc. This enables the use on machining centers and modern CNC machines, as ATB® brushes can be used under the same conditions as cutting tools. Due to tight manufacturing tolerances, easy adaptation and high deburring performance, ATB® brushes can be used directly after the upstream machining processes and deburr the components directly on the machines. In addition, the brushes are suitable for deburring systems with planetary heads.

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