EUPBBB031 Bevel brushes, PBT plastic trimming


PBT plastic bevel brush, for use on brushcutters.

  • Soft trimming for sensitive surfaces, less aggressive than knotted steel wire
  • Long trim length and flexible trimming to reach difficult areas like seams
  • Compatible with many brushcutters because of the availability of two arbor hole diameters: 25,4 mm and 20 mm
  • Environmentally friendly, easy and fast cleaning processes
  • Reduced weight because of the plastic trimming. Easy handling and applicable with bush cutters with less power
  • No wire breakage - allows applications in agriculture

Application: Weed control, cleaning of footways, curbs, grass paving blocks, cobblestones etc.

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Fill Material
Trim Length
Arbor Hole Ø
230 mm
65 mm
25.4 mm
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