Bosch X-Lock

The innovative Bosch Professional X-LOCK system makes it easy to change angle grinder accessories without additional tools - up to 5 times faster compared to conventional angle grinders. Just one click and you're ready to go! We have the right accessories for the X-LOCK system.

Innovative tools for
X-LOCK angle grinders.

X-LOCK is a revolutionary angle grinder system from Bosch Professional that enables accessories to be changed with just one click. Fast, reliable, tool-free and with numerous brands from other manufacturers, it is fast becoming the new market standard.


Both in the production of our X-LOCK cut-off wheels and in the design of our X-LOCK brushes, we have placed emphasis on special customer benefits.

X-LOCK offers
clear Advantages:

  • Time saving due to convenient, quick tool change
  • Noticeable safety due to audible engagement/locking (click sound) of the accessories in the X-LOCK holder
  • Less rework. Grinding with a flat angle is now conveniently possible without damaging the surface of the workpiece, because protruding nuts no longer exist with X-LOCK angle grinders
  • Tools that are bound to the direction of rotation, such as diamond cutting discs, can no longer be mounted incorrectly with the help of the X-LOCK system
  • Our cutting discs and flap discs with X-LOCK (with the exception of grinding wheels) are downward compatible and can also be used on conventional angle grinders with spindle mounting
  • The innovative X-LOCK system meets the highest quality and safety standards
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