Cleaning the weld zone

Why do I need to clean the weldzone?

Cleaning and preparation of the welding zone must take place before welding starts. Flash rust, varnish or primers are removed in the area of the joint so that a homogeneous bond can be created between the weld metal and the filler metal. Poor preparation and cleaning can lead to bonding defects, which in the worst case can cause the weld to break.

The goal is therefore ideal to create a metallically bright and clean surface. It must also be free of oil and grease residues (use cleaning agents).

Which tool do I use
to clean the welding zone?

If large areas need to be cleaned and an angle grinder is available, cup brushes are the right choice. The degree of soiling determines whether cup brushes with crimped wire or knotted wire are used. For small, narrow areaswheel brushes with straight grinders can also be used.

You can also work skilfully with abrasive polishing flap discs, especially if you want a satin finish. The coarse cleaning fleece is used for rough pre-sanding, the Polimaxx 1 fleece flap disc is used for light roughening (no orange peel effect!) and Polimaxx 2 is then used for smoothing.


Rough pre-sanding with coarse cleaning fleece

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