Construction, maintenance, and repair work are carried out on offshore installations, drilling rigs, and shipyards. Metal parts have to be welded, de-rusted, stripped of paint, or cleaned. Work on pontoons, deck and hull work, repairs to shafts, rudder systems, propellers, and pipelines, occur everywhere. With the right Osborn tool, processes are accelerated and downtime minimized.

Fast, thorough and safe.
What matters.

A ship on a dock cannot earn money. Therefore, maintenance and repair work should be carried out as quickly as possible in the interest of the client. However, it is not only speed that counts, but also thoroughness and reliability. A shipyard is a workplace where many people work simultaneously in a relatively confined space. Welding is going on in one place, derusting or paint stripping in another. Safe working conditions are therefore essential.

Osborn tools are not only developed to provide the longest possible service life and high removal or cleaning rates so that the job can be completed quickly. Our tools are also produced with safe working conditions in mind: 

For example, a large number of our tool brushes are certified by TÜV-Süd (safety tested, production monitored) to minimize the risk of injury from erupting wires or flying sparks. We are also a member of oSa - the organization for the safety of abrasive tools. As an oSa member, we are committed to certified quality management with documented processes - with internal testing facilities and a high level of testing expertise. The three EN standards form the cornerstones of the oSa safety philosophy. We recognize the safety standards (EN 12413, EN 13236, EN 13743) for our products.

Tools with special features

If you care for your staff, their wellbeing, happiness, and safety, we can offer a variety of appropriate and practical solutions considering ergonomics, noise, and safety.


Our brushes and flap discs with X-LOCK logo for use on X-LOCK angle grinders save time and also contribute to safety:

  • easy, quick change of discs and brushes - no tools are needed for the change
  • there is no clamping nut that could scratch the workpiece while working - you save time-consuming rework
  • clever quick mounting system with increased safety - incorrect mounting or too tight or loose clamping is impossible
  • our cut-off wheels with X-LOCK mount are 100 % downward compatible and can also be used on conventional angle grinders with 22,23 mm

Selected power brushes and discs are designed, but not limited to work on battery driven power tools. You identify them on the green BATTERY FRIENDLY logo.

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