Osborn announces the testing of the Honey Badger®

Customers can apply to try the Honey Badger® Double Stringer Bead Brush at FABTECH 2022

10.04.2022 Osborn LLC- Richmond, IN - USA Richmond, United States Products, Press Releases

Osborn Testing Innovative, First-of-Its-Kind Stringer Bead Brush, Setting New Standard In Welding, Pipeline and Metal Fabrication Markets

Osborn is once again bringing industry-leading innovation to the pipeline, welding and metal fabricating markets, introducing a new stringer bead brush that offers twice the life and aggression of its already proven and industry-leading Four-Inch TufBrush Stringer Bead Brush. The innovative technology involving two brush sections also gives it the ability to clean both sides of a weld at the same time.


The Honey Badger® Double Stringer Bead Brush establishes a new standard in welding, as there are currently no other brushes on the market that can achieve what it can. The Honey Badger is built with two sets of wire knots on a unique face plate and nut. Because of how it’s constructed, the brush can hit both sides of the root, or hot pass, while cleaning out any slag or debris of a weld.


“We have a long history of listening to our customers and their demands, placing value on their feedback to create the best solutions and products,” says Brian Keiser, Vice President of Operations, Osborn. “Collaborating with you – the experts in the field – helps us drive innovation and create the products you really need.”


For 135 years, Osborn has been dedicated to offering the best solutions for mechanical treatment challenges, relying on customer input, and collaborating with those customers to improve the quality of its products. Keeping consistent with that tradition, Osborn is accepting applications to be among the first to test the Honey Badger. Interested professionals may sign up for this opportunity during FABTECH, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. To register, visit Osborn’s booth #C11057 at the show from November 8-10 in Atlanta. Osborn will then contact 25 selected welders and similar professionals to test its innovation.


“The Honey Badger® Double Stringer Bead Brush already promises to offer a longer lifespan, a faster cut, less operator fatigue and less effort, so we’re excited to see the impact it has on our industry,” says Keiser. “Thanks to this testing period and collaborating with specialists who use these tools, we expect to be able to further improve our final product.”


The Honey Badger® Double Stringer Bead Brush can currently be pre-ordered and will be available to purchase in 2023. Right now, the product is patent pending.


Learn more about the new Osborn Honey Badger® Double Stringer Bead Brush here.

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