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Product image for Cup Brushes – Grit Cup Brush with Shank USPBCB015

Grit Cup Brush with Shank

Designed for standard duty with choice of 80 or 180 grit, Osborn’s grit cup brushes are ideal for a wide variety of cleaning and finishing jobs. Shank mounted for convenient use on hand-held power tools. All brushes are constructed with a 1/4" shank.

Product image for Cup Brushes – Miniature Wire Cup Brush USPBCB016

Miniature Wire Cup Brush

Osborn’s Miniature Wire Cup Brushes provide precise, light-duty cleaning and deburring of small parts and pieces. Their small size also makes them ideal for tight, hard-to-reach areas. Premium quality construction provides exceptional lifespan.

Product image for Cup Brushes – Miniature Bristle Cup Brush USPBCB017

Miniature Bristle Cup Brush

Constructed with choice of natural stiff or soft hair, Osborn Miniature Bristle Cup Brushes offer scratch-free surface cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. Can also be used with abrasive compound to buff and polish recessed surfaces.

Product image for Cup Brushes – Circular Polypropylene Scrub Brush. USPBCB018

Circular Polypropylene Scrub Brush.

Featuring premium-quality materials and construction, Osborn's Circular Polypropylene Scrub Brushes are designed for long-term use. Brushes are densely filled with Osborn's long-wearing polypropylene material, and each tuft is firmly anchored into a marine-type block. Designed for use on off-hand equipment as well as automatic machinery.

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