Osborn Dialux Polishing and Satinising Compound Finishing Product


Osborn is the manufacturer of a world-class range of Dialux® compounds. These small, individually packed bars are the product of choice for goldsmiths and watchmakers across the globe

Dialux - the number one compound for jewelry and luxury goods

Dialux® polishing bars are ideal for use in the jewelry and watchmaking industry. But also other luxury items made of precious and non-ferrous metals like buckles, loops, clasps, and pens can be processed with them. 
The range includes compounds with different grain sizes: from cutting to coloring to super finishing, there are various compounds for different types of metal.

Important: When polishing, always use only one compound with the corresponding polishing tool. If you change the compound, you should also change the polishing tool. Residues of the compound used before could otherwise lead to impurities on the workpiece and influence the polishing result.

Osborn Dialux Polishing and Satinising Compound Finishing Product

Dialux® is the world's leading polishing product and is relied on by the jewelry and watchmaking industry and is frequently used in other industries because of its outstanding performance.

Advantages of Dialux®

  • Small size, handy compound bars (100x30x15mm)
  • Individually packed in DIALUX® branded boxes
  • Adheres well to mops and buffs
  • Perfect finishing
  • Suitable for gold, silver, chrome, platinum, titanium, and plastic
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
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