Osborn Honey Badger Brush New Product Innovation Double Stinger Bead Brush TufBrush

Honey Badger®

Osborn's newest innovation, the Honey Badger Double Stringer Bead Brush is unlike anything on the market. It’s 2X the life and aggression of our already proven and industry-leading 4” TufBrush stringer bead brush.

Be one of the first to try the Honey Badger®

If you would like to be among the first ones to try the first-ever double stringer bead brush, visit Osborn’s booth #C11057 at Fabtech in Atlanta GA this November 8-10 to sign up. Osborn will be choosing 25 welders and other professionals to test this beast!



Osborn’s Patent Pending Honey Badger® Double Stringer Bead Brush is built of 2 sets of wire knots tight on a unique face plate and nut. Because of how it’s built, it will hit both sides of the weld at the same time while cleaning out any slag or debris. It has been created to benefit the pipe fitting, welding, and metal fabricating industries by offering:

  • Long life
  • Faster cut
  • Less operator fatigue
  • Less effort

Osborn’s Honey Badger® Double Stringer Bead Brush also establishes a new standard in the market as there are no other brushes comparable to it and its innovative construction.

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