Osborn Magnaflex Airway Non-Woven Buff Cloth Polishing Compound


Osborn’s MagnaFlex® is made from the tightest quality cloth specifications. These non-woven cloth buffs set the industry standard for quality and performance in mush buffing. The standard ventilated buff is suitable for almost every step in the polishing process.

Why MagnaFlex™ Buffs?

The design of these non-woven cloth buffs allows greater pressure and faster-cutting speed, which increases the versatility and adaptability when used in mush buffing. This enables the processing of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous alloy metals.

High Flexibility.

Osborn's MagnaFlex™ products are extremely versatile and adaptive. This cloth is flexible in any cut and color applications and has the most excellent conditions for all types of metals. Due to the cool running of this buff, it is more flexible and guarantees the best job on contour work.

Superior Efficiency.

Trust Osborn MagnaFlex™ products to get the toughest jobs done quickly and efficiently. The lightweight design makes this buff easy to mount. The irregular folds fixed to a metal clinch ring form a flexible and economical buff. Additionally, the steel and rigid center allows greater pressure and faster-cutting speed. 

MagnaFlex™ buffing products are recommended for:

  • Mush buffing: a technique used to buff larger difficult items with varying surface heights, contours or recessed designs. 
  • Perfect for lower RPMs.
  • Ideal for brass, aluminum, and zinc parts without sharp edges.
  • Excellent compound retention.


Product image for Buffs – Airway MagnaFlex™ Non-Woven Buff USPOBU008

Airway MagnaFlex™ Non-Woven Buff

Osborn developed a revolutionary buffing material that possesses characteristics never achieved with other buff cloths. The MagnaFlex™ material is primarily suited for mush buffing of non-ferrous metals without sharp edges. This cloth provides flexibility and can fold into parts with deep contours providing contact to create high color finishing. Designed to run at lower speeds and still provide cutting and coloring actions on part surfaces this buff will provide a clean result.

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