Oil-, Gas- & Windenergy

In exploration, production, pipe manufacturing, pipe laying (on- and offshore), plant construction or pigging, our oil, gas and wind energy customers rely on our brushes and abrasives. Our cleaning solutions help to work reliably, on time and cost-effectively.

Weld Preparation and Cleaning

Pipelines and plants for oil, gas and wind production are exposed to extreme conditions, extraordinary stress and high wear. Corrosion in particular is a very serious issue. Special care must already be taken during the building and construction. Lack of preparation of the welding zones, welding errors, or failure to clean weld seams can pose a great risk. It is therefore essential that the right tools are used for all work steps and that the work is carried out properly.

Pipe Manufacturing

Osborn offers a wide range of brush solutions for the pipe manufacturing and coating sector. These include contact brushes for pipe welding systems, but also transport brushes in the prefabrication process or coating process. These brushes transport the pipes into and out of the induction furnaces in the hot zone. Osborn transport brushes are far more efficient than the usual PU rollers in terms of heat resistance and service life. At the end of the manufacturing process, Osborn cutback brushes are used to remove the coating from the pipe ends.

Pipeline Pigging

Osborn brushes are used for maintenance and servicing work in pipelines. Paraffin and other residues in the pipelines in operation are removed with them. The brushes are used on so-called "pigs" that are sent through the pipelines. Brushes are also used during MFL inspections to detect damage to the pipeline.

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