Bore derust & descale

What is scale and rust?

Scale is a result of a chemical reaction (iron oxide). The oxide layer is formed when reacting with oxygen or oxygen-containing gases at high temperatures (such as during welding) on a metal surface.

It is a grey-blue to black layer. Scale must be removed before further processing of a workpiece - and also in a bore - as otherwise contamination and quality problems can occur. In addition to chemical and electrochemical processes, scale can be removed mechanically with brushes.


Scale (enlarged image) and the same spot after mechanical cleaning by Osborn brushes.

Rust is caused by oxidation with oxygen in the presence of water. Rust should also be removed before further processing, as rust spots increase in size over time and decompose the metal. Chemical removal methods often do not produce the desired result. Instead, work should be done mechanically with brushes.

Which tools do I use to remove scale and rust in bores?

The Osborn internal brushes Helituf® and Situft® are particularly predestined for derusting and descaling bores.

Heliftuf brushes with spirally arranged, crimped wire adapt excellently to the component geometry. They are particularly suitable for cleaning the inlet and outlet of threads and also reaching the thread base. The wire trim is arranged in a spiral. This simulates a lifting movement that loosens and removes impurities in the bore.

In the Situft brushes, the corrugated wire is arranged in a wing shape. Especially transverse bores can be processed very well with Situft brushes.

Helituf and Situft can be used in drill chucks, tool spindles, and chucks.

The correct application parameters for these tools are decisive for the machining result. We have experience in this field and can assist you with our experts in the selection of the brush and the setting parameters in your machining center or for your robot application. Feel free to contact us!

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Bore derust & descale.

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Product image for  – Situft™ Crimped Wire Internal Brush USPBIB062

Situft™ Crimped Wire Internal Brush

Osborn Situft™ Crimped Wire Internal Brushes features densely packed tufts of proprietary TufWire™ steel wire strands for optimal side-action brushing and brush longevity. Conveniently adapts to drill presses, lathes, bench grinders and portable tools to tackle a wide variety of recess cleaning applications, such as inside diameters, threads and keyways.

Product image for  – HeliTuf™ Crimped Wire Internal Brush USPBIB061

HeliTuf™ Crimped Wire Internal Brush

Featuring a unique helix design that is densely packed with steel or stainless steel, Osborn’s HeliTuf™ Crimped Wire Internal Brush provides rugged brushing action to tackle recessed cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently. Ideal for cleaning the internal diameter of a hole, cleaning threads and brushing edges of keyways, and can be used by hand or with power tools.

Product image for  – Situft™ Nylon Internal Brush USPBIB063

Situft™ Nylon Internal Brush

Featuring durable nylon filament for increased brush life, Osborn’s Situft™ Nylon Internal Brush offers light-duty cleaning and dirt removal from confined areas. Situft brushes should only be used with suitable holders and fully chucked.

Product image for  – Helituf Crimped Wire Internal Brush Kit USPBIB066

Helituf Crimped Wire Internal Brush Kit

Tackle a variety of cleaning and brushing tasks with Osborn’s Helituf Crimped Wire Internal Brush Kit. Kit comes with 12 different sized brushes and both available sized brush holders. Each Helituf brush features a unique, helix design with rugged, heavily-filled wire for optimal performance and brush longevity.

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