Osborn has the solution for your automotive challenges, from polishing, deburring, or surface preparation.

Flexible local support combined with an extensive global presence.

No matter what metal finishing issues you encounter, there’s an Osborn solution. There are solutions for deburring, finishing and cleaning in the production of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, off-highway equipment and farm vehicles. And, there are solutions that improve repeatability and cycle times in your OEM applications.

Whether it involves the design of your machinery or the servicing of your production lines, Osborn products will meet your requirements. 


Osborn is the leader in automotive polishing. From aluminum wheels, trim, bumpers and anything else that requires mechanical finishing. Osborn offers a complete line of solutions including pleated buffs, airway buffs, treated buffs and bar and liquid compounds.

Osborn ATB CNC Machine


Osborn brushes are ideal for deburring complex machined automotive components. From engine blocks to brake calipers. From valve bodies to heads and everything in between. Osborn offers nylon abrasives as well as wire filament brushes for both on machine tool and off applications.

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