In exploration, production, pipe manufacturing, pipe laying (on- and offshore), plant construction, or pigging, our oil, gas, and wind energy customers rely on our brushes and abrasives. Our cleaning solutions help to work reliably, on time, and cost-effectively.

Weld Preparation and Cleaning

Pipelines and plants for oil, gas and wind production are exposed to extreme conditions, extraordinary stress and high wear. Corrosion in particular is a very serious issue. Special care must already be taken during the building and construction. Lack of preparation of the welding zones, welding errors, or failure to clean weld seams can pose a great risk. It is therefore essential that the right tools are used for all work steps and that the work is carried out properly.

Pipeline Pigging

Osborn brushes are used for maintenance and servicing work in pipelines. Paraffin and other residues in the pipelines in operation are removed with them. The brushes are used on so-called "pigs" that are sent through the pipelines. Brushes are also used during MFL inspections to detect damage to the pipeline.

Pipe Manufacturing

Osborn is the all-round service provider for all kinds of brushing solutions in the pipe manufacturing and coating industry. Osborn’s high-quality, innovative and customized tools, as well as best-in-class customer service, provide the right means for a vast range of specific applications in pipe welding, hot zones and pipe coating removal.


Product image for Wheel Brushes – Ringlock Wire Wheel Brush USPBWB007

Ringlock Wire Wheel Brush

Specially designed to brush down-hole, internal surfaces and other hard-to-reach areas. Designed with Osborn’s proprietary TufWire™ wire strands to provide effective brushing, this product can be mounted singly or in multiples, directly onto the shaft of a portable tool to accommodate a wide variety of tasks.

Product image for Wheel Brushes – Stringer Bead Brush USPBWB016

Stringer Bead Brush

Enjoy American-made quality and performance at an economical price. Features Osborn’s proprietary TufWire™ wire strands, which outperform competitive products in both material removal and longevity. Works aggressively on a variety of jobs using air tools or portable tools.

Product image for End Brushes – Knot Wire End Brush USPBEB054

Knot Wire End Brush

Featuring proprietary TufWire™ wire strands twisted for added strength, Osborn Knot Wire End Brushes offers efficient, rugged brushing action to tackle a wide variety of tough cleaning and maintenance applications. Ideal for hard-to-reach areas and inner diameters, and can be operated at high speed on CNC equipment.

Product image for End Brushes – Crimped Wire End Brush USPBEB051

Crimped Wire End Brush

Osborn’s Crimped Wire End Brush features high-quality wire construction and a ¼” shank for convenient mounting on hand-held power tools and CNC equipment. Engineered to provide uniform brushing action when operated at high speeds. Small diameter and brush flexibility make them ideal for recesses and other difficult-to-reach areas.

Product image for Cup Brushes – Knot Wire Cup Brush USPBCB003

Knot Wire Cup Brush

Osborn Knot Wire Cup Brushes offer unmatched aggressiveness to tackle heavy-duty large surface jobs. Manufactured with proprietary best-in-class TufWire™, which allows for rigorous use and a longer lifespan. Designed to perform smoothly and efficiently on high-speed power tools.

Product image for Cup Brushes – Crimped Wire Cup Brush USPBCB001

Crimped Wire Cup Brush

Osborn Cup Brushes provide quick, efficient cleaning of large metal surfaces. Manufactured with proprietary TufWire™ to offer high productivity and long life, and designed for use on portable power tools operating at high speeds.

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