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Osborn announces the testing of the Honey Badger®

Richmond, United States

Customers can apply to try the Honey Badger® Double Stringer Bead Brush at FABTECH 2022

Osborn ATB CNC Machine

ATB® disc and wheel brushes from OSBORN are mainly used for deburring, edge rounding and finishing. They are ideal for deburring edges on flat surfaces, punched and fine-blanked…

Osborn TufBrush TufWire Product Knot Design Sidebanner

Osborn Announces TufBrush® 4-Inch Stringer Bead

Richmond, United States

New stringer bead offers industry-leading material removal capabilities and product longevity.

Osborn Abrasives Cutting Discs Press Release

Osborn Introduces New Abrasives Product Line

Richmond, United States

New abrasives wheel and disc portfolio maximizes user productivity, increases work capacity, minimizes downtime and provides functional versatility.

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